Super Air Nautique G23 Review by Wakeboarding Mag

Already a legend in the watersports world, the Super Air Nautique G23 has made significant impacts on wakeboarding and wakesurfing, catapulting this boat to an industry leader. While there’s a ton on the G23 to mention, we’ll do our best to focus on all the reasons this boat has lived up to the hype.

A deep hull, the G23 has internal ballast that can produce arguably the best wakes in the sport. That, along with a recent redesign of the hull, is why the G23 produces some of the best surf waves in the industry as well. The Nautique Surf System ties in seamlessly to keep the boat weighted evenly and produces insane waves on both sides of the boat with the push of a button.

The all-new 12.4-inch Linc Panoray screen is massive, easy to read, intuitive and beautifully incorporated into the dash. The offset design also adds to the ease of use, since you’re not dodging your steering wheel. One of our favorite options about this hull is the knob right next to your throttle hand that Nautique calls Helm Command. It makes it incredibly easy to breeze through settings without ever having to reach up to the screen while driving down the lake.

The G23 truly is for the person who wants the best possible experience out of a wakeboat with no questions asked. It’s the pinnacle performer in terms of wake; the quality and fit and finish is everything you’d expect out of a Nautique; and once you’ve been in a G23, or ridden behind one, everything else is tough to compare.

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