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Can I Rent A Boat Without A Captain?

No, all ATX Boat Rentals are driven by an experienced captain for your convenience.

Can I Bring Anything To Eat Or Drink On The Boat?

Yes, but no red liquids or glass bottles. Be mindful and throw away trash.

Does The Rental Price Include Gas?

Yes, rental comes with one full tank. Renters will be responsible for gas after one tank, although it's unlikely you will use more than that.

What Is A Normal Tip For The Captain? 

The usual tip amount is 10%-20% gratuity but it is up to you.

Do You Provide Transportation?

Party will be responsible for meeting captain at desired pick-up location

Can You Swim At The Lake?

Yes, feel free to swim while the boat is stationary and off.

Do You Take Credit Card?

Yes, we accept credit card, check, and cash.

Can We Split The Payment?

Yes, if paying by cash or check.

Can I Fish Off Of The Boat?

No fishing allowed.

Can We Bring Dogs?

Pets are only allowed on our pontoon boats. If you can, please brush them before to reduce shedding on the boat!

Is Alcohol Allowed Onboard?

Yes, alcohol is allowed. BYOB.

Is Smoking Allowed?


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